BE HEARD NOW!    Tree cutting can start October 14th 2012

Be Creative!  Do whatever you can do!  This is your park!

Spread the word! Encourage your friends and neighbors.


  • RALLY –  Oct.11 from 5:00 – 6:30 PM / Elk and Bosworth Streets (Here’s a link to the notice)
  • Contact city officials and ask them to save the trees and for a community meeting:

Supervisor Scott Wiener,  (415) 554 6966,  Scottwiener@sfgov.org
Mayor Ed Lee,  415 831 2750,  mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org
Park Commission,  415 554 6141,  recpark.commission@sfgov.org


  • Proposed Federal Rule Making for Franciscan Manzanita Critical Habitat (Overview HERE, “Call to Action” HERE)
    • Deadline – November 5th
    • Make a public comment to stop Glen Canyon Park hiking trail area from becoming critical habitat for the Franciscan Manzanita  Call to Action
  • Oppose Natural Areas Program.  The final Environmental Impact Review and Approval is scheduled for Spring 2013
    • Sign the petition opposing the Natural Areas Program
    • If you’re on Facebook, “Like” our Facebook page
    • Get even more involved:  HERE


These Glen Canyon Capital projects will be coming soon.  We can expect hidden and likely unpopular activities to be attached to the popular, published activities:

  •  TRAILS Program (aka Natural Areas Project) – 2008 Park Bond Project
    • Remove 32 trees – note that the arborist did not do a risk assessment on these trees but did recommend which trees he thought should be removed within 50 feet of the trails.  His eucalyptus removals recommendations increased by 50% once the Natural Areas Staff became involved.
    • Decommission and fence off some of the social trails on the hillside.  Rec & Park has not disclosed what they plan to do with the social trails that are in white on their maps.  Other 2008 Park Bond projects at Grandview, Twin Peaks, and Billy Goat Hill have or will decommission/fence-off all but the most popular trails.  The “trail restoration” has been using project funds to close trails and plant native plants along the trails and to remove the healthy and sustainable vegetation for native plant landscaping.
  • FORESTRY Program– 2008 Park Bond Project
    • Removes up to 180 trees – the removal plans have not been published but the March 2012 arborist assessment recommended removing 227 trees.  It is expected that the portion of the 227 trees not removed by the Rec Center Project will be targets for the Forestry Program project.  The arborist identified a 21 trees as high risk trees from a safety standpoint but most of the tree removals are based on the arbitrary “Poor Suitability” classification.
    • The arborist said 507 trees (81%) of the 627 evaluated were “poor suitability” using criteria related to being non-native, not having pristine health or structure, age, and size.  The arborist select 227 of those for removal and Rec & Park will choice which of those to destroy using the upcoming Forestry Program.
    • Note that the 2008 Forestry Program was originally marketed as “reforestation” but when asked Rec & Park has not provide any evidence of replanting related to the 2008 Park Bond Forestry Program.

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