Natural Area Program’s Pretty Propaganda – and Some Truth-Telling

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The Natural Areas Program’s response to its critics is a very pretty piece of propaganda: This Youtube Video. Please do watch it, it’s under five minutes of lovely images and soothing voice-over.

Only… it’s remarkably misleading.

The “biodiversity hotspot”? That applies to all of California, not just San Francisco. The pretty yellow flowers in the meadow? Those are non-native plants that NAP hunts down with pesticides like Garlon and Roundup. (The poppy shown close-up in the next frame is not from the same meadow.) The happy dogs on Mount Davidson? They’re off-leash, something the Native Areas program has been fighting tooth and nail.

(Don’t try to comment on the NAP’s Youtube video, they’ve blocked comments.)

Watch the real story here, there’s lots more. How much misdirection in 5 minutes? See our 2-minute rebuttal video for yourself.

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