The Trees are Being Felled – Now

TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-1Even as we write, the tree-felling has started in Glen Canyon. First to go will be the line of grand old eucalyptus trees, over a century old, at the Elk Street entrance. This is despite the fact that the audience at the meeting on January 7th (by SF Recreation and Parks Department, District 8 Supervisor Scott Weiner, and the Glen Park Neighborhood Association) overwhelmingly opposed the tree-felling, and clearly thought SFRPD should find a way to work around this requirement.

Some of our photographers were out documenting the destruction, and we will continue to do so. Here is the first of the series.

[Edited to Add: Ron Proctor made a video, the first in a series.

Click HERE to view Glen Park Tree Demolition – Day 1. ]

There is also an article on HERE.

M TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-6 TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-6 TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-5 TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-4 TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-3 TreeCutting(01-10-2113)-2

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3 Responses to The Trees are Being Felled – Now

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  2. Dee Seligman says:

    It does feel like a death knell, even for those of us who don’t live close enough to use that park regularly. It’s frustrating that we could not stop this onslaught.

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