Trail Construction and Destruction Starts in Glen Canyon

The trail work has started in Glen Canyon. What’s happening now seems reasonable; they are widening and flattening a popular trail, and adding native plants.

However, it also apparently involves “decommissioning” a social trail (the dark orange line on the right side of the map photo; click on it to get a larger, more legible version). And of course, park users are supposed to “Stay on Trails” – says the “Significant Natural Resource Area” sign, ironically attached to a eucalyptus tree such as the ones they’ve just felled.

Later, we have been told, the Trails Project will be felling another 35 trees (latest estimate, up from 30).

Here’s what’s happening now (photos courtesy Ron Proctor):

TrailConstruction(Jan2013)-5 TrailConstruction(Jan2013)-2TrailConstruction(Jan2013)-4-1


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3 Responses to Trail Construction and Destruction Starts in Glen Canyon

  1. Because it’s so “native” to have paved trails and fences cordoning off the vegetation from people and animals. like a freaking zoo for plants. shame. disgust. Un-natural. Who proposed this horrendous project in the first place??

  2. Tony Holiday says:

    I dearly love that trail they’re working on. Wish they would’ve left it alone and not tried to “widen” and “improve” it. It’s fine as it is…

  3. ronproctor says:

    Why does the Trails Project include destroying another 35 trees? NAP is negatively impacting an amazing natural resource (Glen Canyon Park) by turning it into a senseless gardening project that only they want. NAP’s action are a cynical and manipulative ploy to line the pockets of the developers and tree cutters. Their funding sources needs to be cut off.

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