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The Trees are Being Felled – Now

Even as we write, the tree-felling has started in Glen Canyon. First to go will be the line of grand old eucalyptus trees, over a century old, at the Elk Street entrance. This is despite the fact that the audience … Continue reading

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Speak Up: Rec & Park Glen Canyon Renovation Meeting – 7Jan 2013

[This article is also posted on SFForest.net] This is your chance to ask the tough questions about the Glen Canyon Park Renovation Project—poor community process, piecemeal tree removals, wasteful spending that squanders much of the $5.8 million, or anything else … Continue reading

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Glen Canyon’s Updated Planting Plan – Nov 1, 2012

Yesterday, we obtained a new Master Planting Plan for Glen Canyon Park.  Nearly half are still shrubs and small trees. Still, it’s an improvement over the previous one, dated May 2012. It actually has some tall trees in it [Edited … Continue reading

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“Reforesting” Glen Canyon with Bushes: What 163 trees?

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SF RPD) has been claiming that it will plant 163 trees to replace the 58 trees it currently plans to fell for the Rec Center (2008 Bond) project that will move the existing tennis … Continue reading

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The “Hazardous” Trees of Glen Canyon

[Note: This article has been edited for clarity and to add the video clip of Dennis Kern of SFRPD misstating the number and hazard of the trees.] The latest information for the number of trees to be removed very soon … Continue reading

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Glen Canyon Trees: Decoding the Arborist’s Reports

In September 2012, we published our analysis of the tree-felling expected in Glen Canyon. A new arborists’ report dated October 1, 2012 changes the numbers.  It now recommends cutting down nearly 150 trees – still a lot, but an improvement … Continue reading

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SFForest Public Meeting, 6 Oct 2012: Report

This report is republished from our SFForest.net site with minor edits. —————————————————————————– STANDING ROOM ONLY The San Francisco Forest Alliance (SFForest) is very concerned about the hundreds of trees slated for destruction in Glen Canyon, starting as early as this … Continue reading

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